Cafeteria Menu

The Mercy Café is cashless. The cafeteria at Mercy High School allows students to load money onto their existing school ID. These funds can be used for purchases in the Mercy Café. Funds are pre-loaded to cards similar to purchasing gift cards at retail stores. Read more about the program here.


1.  How do I find out my balance? At this time, we do not use any online system for food purchases. After each transaction at the register, your student will see her declining balance. We try to remind students when they are below $10.  It is their responsibility to re-load when appropriate.
2.  Can I find out what my daughter is purchasing? At this time, our system does not track what your student purchases, only the dollar amount. The cards work similar to a gift card at a department store. 
3.  What if my ID is lost or damaged? When your ID is lost or damaged, you will need to go to the reception area and request a new one. The new one will have a new number on it. As soon as you get your new card, come to the register and we will transfer the balance from the old card to the new one
4.  Can a parent request their daughter's balance? Yes, the easiest way is to email me at You will need to include your daughter's name and her student ID number for me to look her up in the system.
Cafeteria Hours
Open: 7:50am, breakfast, beverages, snacks, grab and go items
Lunch:15 minutes before 3rd hour, 4th hour, and 15 minutes into 5th hour, Main Entree, Salad Bar, Soup Station
Closed daily during adviser meetings
Snacks: Open for snacks and beverages until 2:50pm